4 Generations

andrewFamily Portraits

JustĀ  a quick photoshoot at Simon Fraser Lodge to get some photos of 4 generations for my family.  

Lori & Rob [Wedding]


Lori won a BIG Picture gift certificate for one hour of shooting, so she got me to come and do some formal photos after her wedding. The start of the day was a bit rainy, but we waited it out a bit and by the time Lori got there with the crew the rain had passed and we had nice … Read More

Tiina & Randy [Engagement]


Tiina and Randy wanted some fall engagement photos, so we went to Ginters Field in Prince George to get some nice fall photos. Ginters is amazing, by the way…. there are a million places to get great photos. Here are a few of my favourites!

Timbers Portraits


The staff at Timbers Community Church needed some updated photos for their new website, so we booked a time to get some nice portrait shots of the staff and a few group shots as well. We wanted to have a “Timbers” theme to the photos, so I opted for some trees and sky in the background as opposed to having … Read More

Timbers Worship Band

andrewEvent Photography, Promotional

Earlier this year, I was talking to the Pastor at Timbers Community Church about their website. They wanted a fresh look on the website, so we came up with a new graphical template and then went to work getting appropriate photos for the website. One of the things they really wanted to update was the photos of the Worship Band, … Read More

Raven Lake


Tyler and I went for a little hike up to Raven Lake (about 90km east of Prince George). Tyler has been loosing a lot of weight lately and there are two contributing factors to that: 1. he started tracking what he was eating via an iPhone app and 2. he started using a Fitbit to see how many steps he … Read More

Promo Shot


Look Good. I had this photo taken of me for promotional purposes for my other business (Sonic Interactive Solutions). I’ve had this idea in my head for a while for a photo that I wanted to take, so it was nice to be able to implement it and use it for promotional purposes at the same time. It was actually … Read More

Larger Than Life


Sometimes it’s really fun to make a photo that is larger than life. We love to make epic photos. Dramatic, captivating, unconventional photos.

Movember 2010

andrewEvent Photography, Promotional

Movember is a great campaign to raise awareness about prostate cancer. Each of the people in this photo were photographed individually and them composited into the resulting photo. It allowed us to get a great end result! You can donate to Tyler’s team (Tyler is second from the right) at this address: http://ca.movember.com/mospace/39901/

Catch Me If You Can!


Catch me if you can is a fund raiser for the Salvation Army that takes place once a year in Prince George. It’s a night of racing on game consoles (Xbox, Playstation 3, Wii) where each person competes in several races over the evening and also gets a chance to try and beat lap times from some professional drivers. It’s … Read More